Monday, March 26, 2007

Creationist idiocy

Wow, can they be any more ignorant? It is amazing at how fundamentalism can actually give someone the audacity to challenge experts and evidence despite the challenger having no credentials whatsoever (sorry Jessup, the bible is not evidence, it's a shitty book). Check out for the lowdown of how ignorance can so befuddle the mind.

Evolution is not some contrived theory, it exists because we have proof. Evolution is akin to a ladder reaching from the ground up...we may not have all the rungs, but we can see where it goes. So you see, there is no missing link as our good friend Nathan would have us believe. Are we missing some rungs? Sure we are, but we continue to find more and more pieces. We are digging through millions of years of dirt afterall, do you think we'll get it in one fell sweep?

The paranormal challenge

Well, I don't have $1 million dollars, but I can offer up a coupla grand. I'd like to entertain a psychic, dowser, somebody, to try to prove their abilities in a formal, controlled environment. Or, if you'd rather go for a million, visit James Randi's Website. There, you can read all about the as of yet unclaimed $1 million dollars for the demonstration of anything paranormal. I would argue that it is not likely to be won anytime soon.

Introduction to my spot

Well, I have opted to start blogging so that I can be cool :) So who am I? I am Richard Wolford, Jr, a PhD student with Capella University studying IT Management and Leadership; however, make no mistake about it, I am a computer deity. I have undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and I may very well pursue a second PhD in the same field. I have nearly 20 years of experience on them. I am a rational, logical, and very critical thinker. I am very open minded, provided there is evidence to support the position offered by someone who isn't a retard. I am married, nearly five years now, with a 19 month old son, cat, two dogs, fish tanks, and other living creatures.

I've started this blog as not only a way to vent frustration, but to provide a place to foster critical thinking skills. There is too much nonsense in the world today with religious fundamentalists, homeopathic medicines, self-proclaimed psychics, ghost hunters, dowsers, and all sorts of woo which just has no place in a civilized, rational world where blind faith is replaced with objective reality. Just because you believe it doesn't make it true; it makes you a believer.