Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Psychics are all fakes

I know I've said it 1,000 times, but psychics are all frauds; there is no such thing, and if you think you've found one, stop, repeat the fact that there is no such thing as a psychic, and then ask what they really told you. How much did you tell them? Can they sit and look at you and tell you all about your life, or do they put forth vague statements which could apply to anyone? Did they say they sense cancer in the family, or did they say your uncle Morte is sick with pancreatic cancer? Think!!!

So how do we test a psychic since their BS is so vague? Easy...use it against them. The procedure is actually quite easy. You take ten individuals and let the psychic "read" them, but the psychic must write down their "findings" on paper; the psychic and the person being read can't speak to each other (why should they, I mean, the spirit does the talking, right?). When the session is over, the paper is handed to a third party who then marks the paper to indicate the person for whom the reading was done. The psychic and the person being read are unaware of the coding system in that they do not know what their particular code may be. You do this for ten people and one psychic.

After the reading is over, you lay all ten "readings" on a table and bring in the participants one at a time; you ask them to choose their reading, the one which could only, only apply to them. Once they have chosen, they leave the room, and the next participant enters. Once it is all said and done, each person should have chosen a different reading.

Now, what would happen if two people chose the same reading? What if no one chose their own reading? Well, would pretty much prove that the readings were so vague as to be able to apply to anyone in there, and not specific enough to target any particular person. In fact, this test has been done many times, and in every single case, it has been an absolute utter failure for the psychic.

This is why I don't believe in psychics. It is due to skepticism. You must prove something to me before I will accept it, I won't take your word for it. You have to prove it. Unfortunately, there is no proof because, well, there just don't seem to be any psychics.

BTW, any psychic out there can freely email me and I will arrange for such a test to be conducted. Be aware it will be televised and publicized, so weigh the odds of being caught (very high) with your need to swindle your income from those you dupe. Oh, and if you email me and decide to blast me for my "closed mind", be aware I will publicly go after you and your "abilities".

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