Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How ignorant can you be and still get on TV?

A talk show host isn't sure if the Earth is flat or not! She also says she doesn't believe in evolution.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

YouTube Sucks!

They have continually allowed creationists to remove material critical of creationism by filing false copyright claims. YouTube, FUCKING WAKE UP and knock this bullshit off!

Kent Hovind is a Loser

Good ol' Kent's people at the Creation Science Evangelism group, a den of liars and crackpots, is once again having anything critical of Kent's "theories" removed from YouTube in an effort to silence his critics. Unfortunately, YouTube is in a bad spot since they do need to validate copyright issues; this ain't one of them. You can post copyright material if you want, provided it is covered under fair use. If I want to publish excerpts from a copyrighted book in order to criticize it, I can do so, and you can't stop me.

Please band together and help stop this nonsense. POST ANYTHING YOU HAVE OF KENT HOVIND TO YOUTUBE AND TO YOUR OWN BLOGS! Let's show this dipshit that he can't silence his critics.

CREATIONISM IS WRONG! It is easily refuted, but Hovind is an obvious idiot and his buddies at the CSE are equally idiots.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Professionalism and your career

The truth is, I'm very successful in my life. I've managed to succeed with IT consulting, forming my own LLC and handling a few clients here and there. I also work full time as the Director of Information Technology for a Charleston, WV based company with a presence in WV, NC, SC and soon VA. The company is close to being a $1 billion company, which is good if we intend to sell the company and all retire. But what makes success? I guess it depends upon how you define success, but there are some obvious things we all do regardless of our definition.

First and foremost, when you apply for a position, you need to have your resume (or CV, which is what I have) in hand, ready to go. Your first impression to your potential employer is critical. If you're a difficult person, if you try to hide things, or if you just don't act professionally, you're not going to be considered for any position, let alone the one you want. You always address the hiring manager (or whomever you are speaking with) as Mr., Mrs., or Dr. (that's me). It's a common courtesy which will be extended to you.

You also need to be very aware of how you write; your language is a window to your intelligence. You won't be seeing any intelligent people writing poorly or unable to communicate properly (there is research into this field), unless of course you suffer from a condition such as Dr. Steven Hawking (MLS). If you cannot speak intelligently, such as using personal attacks, swearing, or other such mechanics, it simply shows your lack of education. You likely perceive yourself as very educated, but the truth is that you simply don't understand education, so your view is skewed and naturally biased. It's not your opinion of yourself which matters, it is the opinion (usually professional) of those interviewing you; you may want to google a "randomized trial" to see why we use outside observations.

It is important to research the company where you are attempting to seek employment, but you must make sure you do it properly. It is not uncommon for someone high within an organization to conduct business through other organizations. I am an independent IT consultant through my company, the Advanced Technology Group, and also serve as the full time IT Director for my current employer. This is quite common, as once you reach a level of education and experience, your services are requested quite often, as is my case. The formation of a company such as I have done is for liability, credit, and even tax reasons. I can leverage the power of a recognized entity as opposed to managing things from a personal perspective. So make sure that when you research your potential employer, you don't accidentally confuse unaffiliated organizations with the company who is doing the hiring. It can really make you look foolish, esp. if you can't even distinguish what the two different organizations do. My employer is in an unrelated field to IT consulting.

Googling individuals is a great way to make the previous mistake; for example, if you google my name, you'll see that my blog is the third result in the set. Pretty good isn't it? However, my blog is not related to either my IT consulting company or my full time employer, so it wouldn't be wise if I were hiring for a position through a company to make references to my blog. Very bad form, and it shows that your level of "research" was to google my name. Real research is a little more complicated than that.

Anyway, I hope this advice can help out any current job seekers.

Until next time,


Thursday, September 6, 2007

WWE Responds to Chris Benoit Storey

Any wrestling fans likely know that two separate medical institutions (one of them being WVU), examined parts of Benoit's brain to see if there were any anomalies. What they found is that he had the brain of an 85 year old Alzheimer's patient. They also concluded that this could have contributed to the unspeakable acts he committed back in June.

Naturally, the WWE has made gallant strides to suppress these findings in favor of their own biased opinions. Instead of accepting the SCIENTIFIC results, they opted to say they were merely "speculative". Here is the statement:

"Today's attempt to explain that Chris Benoit's murder of his family was possibly caused by some form of dementia as a result of alleged concussions is speculative. WWE can certainly understand the anguish of a father having to deal with the fact that his son allegedly murdered his wife and young son, as Chris Benoit is alleged to have done. We respect the desire of that father to do whatever he can to find some explanation as to why his son might commit such horrible acts."

Unfortunately, WWE needs to understand that a legal investigation into a murder is one thing, a scientific analysis of the biology of the alleged murderer is something completely different. No one seems to be disputing the facts; Benoit murdered his wife and son, then killed himself. What we want to know is why; it wasn't roid rage apparently, so we move to something else. It seems as if the numerous concussions and blows to the head took their toll and could be a viable answer to the "why" part, not the "what" part. And what part of a concussion is "alleged"? Is the WWE seriously trying to imply that Benoit didn't suffer these concussions? I saw Benoit knocked out on live TV, I saw him doing flying headbutts, break his neck, get tossed around, etc, and you expect me to believe he never once suffered a concussion?

Give it up Vince, the medical guys are finding some biological causes. Maybe you should focus on the dope heads in the WWE who aren't dead yet. Of course that number is getting smaller and smaller, but hey, you can always find another 6'5" 265lb no-personality, no-skills replacement, right? Probably for a lot less money.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Weak minds discuss people.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

High tech Indian airways

First, just relax and get ready for some fun. Two options. Read this story or just read this quick passage and then cry.

"Officials at Nepal's state-run airline have sacrificed two goats to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, following technical problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft, the carrier said Tuesday."

Yes folks, you read that right. Fuck the screwdrivers and the mechanics, bring me some goat blood and let's have us a good ol' fashioned sacrifice.

Now do you see why I strive for skepticism and critical thinking? Do you see how devout adherence to religious dogma really is dangerous? Would you rather the guy at the body shop use some rubber mallets to bang the dent out of your car or would it be just fine if he prayed for divine intervention to fix the fender?

Please people, think.