Friday, September 14, 2007

Kent Hovind is a Loser

Good ol' Kent's people at the Creation Science Evangelism group, a den of liars and crackpots, is once again having anything critical of Kent's "theories" removed from YouTube in an effort to silence his critics. Unfortunately, YouTube is in a bad spot since they do need to validate copyright issues; this ain't one of them. You can post copyright material if you want, provided it is covered under fair use. If I want to publish excerpts from a copyrighted book in order to criticize it, I can do so, and you can't stop me.

Please band together and help stop this nonsense. POST ANYTHING YOU HAVE OF KENT HOVIND TO YOUTUBE AND TO YOUR OWN BLOGS! Let's show this dipshit that he can't silence his critics.

CREATIONISM IS WRONG! It is easily refuted, but Hovind is an obvious idiot and his buddies at the CSE are equally idiots.

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