Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nathaniel Abraham -- Idiot at Large

So get this, some cocksucker takes a job at a lab where he will write up all sorts of stuff regarding evolutionary processes regarding zebrafishes, and he gets all pissy when the lab fires his ass for not "believing" in evolution. Uh, d'uh there dipshit; evolution is fact, there is nothing in which to believe. And hate to tell ya, but you got fired for not being able to do the job due to your stupid beliefs.

EVOLUTION IS FACT. Q.E.D. There are not alternative theories, there is no controversy, and there is no reason to deny evolution. Evolution is supported by 150 years of intense scrutiny, a solid fossil record, and not a single case of any evidence to suggest that the theory is wrong.

Evolution is not just a theory either. A scientific theory is an explanation for a model. Scientific facts are the observations we have, such as fossils which show clear transitions into new species. These facts can be used to formulate hypotheses, which are then tested and, if found to hold up, can be used to build a model to represent what we see, which is then in turn explained by our theory. Facts never become laws nor theories; they are all different.

I hate stupid people. I really, really do. Go believe in sky daddy if you want, but for fuck's sake keep your ignorance to yourself and don't go bitching when the rest of us point and laugh.

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