Monday, March 26, 2007

Creationist idiocy

Wow, can they be any more ignorant? It is amazing at how fundamentalism can actually give someone the audacity to challenge experts and evidence despite the challenger having no credentials whatsoever (sorry Jessup, the bible is not evidence, it's a shitty book). Check out for the lowdown of how ignorance can so befuddle the mind.

Evolution is not some contrived theory, it exists because we have proof. Evolution is akin to a ladder reaching from the ground up...we may not have all the rungs, but we can see where it goes. So you see, there is no missing link as our good friend Nathan would have us believe. Are we missing some rungs? Sure we are, but we continue to find more and more pieces. We are digging through millions of years of dirt afterall, do you think we'll get it in one fell sweep?

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