Monday, June 11, 2007

Ham and shit

Well, good ol' Ham, you know, the idiot behind Answers in Genesis and the even more ignorant creationist museum, must have had a blast on the 28th of May. A large group of scientists, academics, and students (among other concerned citizens) protested his stupid ass museum. I wanted to go (I'm a PhD student), but just couldn't get away. From what I heard, the iron gates of the museum were protected by armed guards and security dogs. True christian family values!

Just to reiterate, evolution is not a belief system; it is a theory based upon scientifically validated evidence that, more likely than not (actually, it's really beyond any reasonable doubt), that life arose out of self-replicating molecules which, over millions of years, have changed and grown into life as we know it. Saying that you do not believe in evolution is the same thing as saying you don't believe in gravity (by the way, the church also took this stance at one time). Evolution is a very well understood scientific theory which has countless amounts of evidence. Religion has a book written by a bunch of people who lived before science existed. You tell me who knows more.

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