Saturday, October 20, 2007

And it has begun

Well, it's happened; today I received my comprehensive examination questions. I have to answer four questions, each one answer comprises a 15 page research paper. It's actually not very difficult I don't think, but it is make or break time. I have six weeks to complete these questions; they are due on December 1st, by midnight (CST), along with a plagiarism report from another website. If I fail any one of the questions, I have two weeks to rewrite it based upon the feedback given. If I fail the second time, I'm out.

The good news is that, according to my classroom advisor, the pass rate is in the 90s (as in percentiles), but that he would place rewrites at around 1 in 3, so I can expect to possibly have to rewrite my answer to one or more questions. The biggest complaint seems to be the simple "not answering the question"; in other words, you write your 15 page paper but you never actually answer the question that was given. The second complaint is in style, meaning that your structure isn't very good or you don't present your arguments in a very good way.

BTW, 15 double spaced pages is nothing, I can do that in my freakin' sleep. It's the research that kills ya, having to look all of this up.

Now I can't talk about the questions I have and I can never post my answers, but I'm going to keep everybody up to date as to what is going on. I don't know if I get any readers or not, but I don't allow commenting on my blog. It's my own personal space and I'm in no mood for some big internet blog debate about evolution or the paranormal; the jury is in on all of those subjects and they are bunk.

So if you actually read my blog, wish me luck. Of course, that won't have any effect whatsoever, but still, it's a nice gesture :)

Later folks

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