Friday, October 26, 2007

Question #1 Down (mostly)

Well, I've written 15 pages in response to question #1 of my comps, but I'm not too sure if I properly answered one part of the question. So much information, so little space to write. I've opted to mark it complete, but I embedded some notes so that I can review the content and make sure it's what I want to say.

So as of last night I began researching for question #2. Not too bad I guess, but I can't find any articles that specifically address all three parts of the question. My strategy is to address each part separate, but then relate them together. There may actually be somewhat of a disconnect between theory and practice, and I'd like to see if that gap has been explored or, if not, perhaps it could be a dissertation topic?

I'm expecting to be finished with research and possibly the writing of my response by Sunday. If that happens, I'll be 50% of the way done in only one week, which is a usage of about 16% of the alloted time, if you figure about 16% per week (16 * 6 is 102, so rough amount). Not too bad really.

I think a lot of my classmates are having trouble with the research, so it is good to know it is a common issue. Many seem to be doing these all at once, as in researching everything and writing later. This isn't a good idea in my opinion as I'd rather get familiar with one set of research, write the response, then get intimately familiar with the next set of research to answer the next question.

But hey, whatever works for you. There's no need trying to learn a new research method when it comes down to comps. Their method would never work for me, and mine would not likely work for them, or at least not now since they'd have to adjust.

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