Thursday, November 8, 2007

Comps #2 is down

Well, I've finished up my response to my second comp question, plus I've got about 19 good sources I'm reading for my response to question #3; after 3 is done (this weekend), I'm off to my last question. I'll then spend a week proofing and editing, getting a plagiarism report, then submitting to committee to see how she flies. I don't expect to pass all four the first time through. I think I've answered the questions, but you never know. This stuff isn't easy.

Anyway, I just HAD to blog about this. Georgia is experiencing a drought right now. So, what does fundamentalist moron Gov. Sonny Perdue recommend? Well, prayer of course! That's right, he's gonna get a bunch of people together to ask jeebus for rain. Yup. The same jeebus who is giving cancer to children and spreading AIDS is being asked to provide rain for Georgia. Kind've like asking Hannibal for a dinner menu isn't it?

Anyway, for those of you with your doubts or your delusions, prayer does not work. Q.E.D. It has been shown, time and again, that prayer has absolutely no effect on reality. Sorry guys, but that's just the way it is. The largest study every conducted has shown, yet again, that prayer is a waste of your time. Now, let's be clear; we're not testing the existence of whatever god you believe in; prayer, if it worked, would have a real affect on the world. This effect is measurable, it it exists. However, we see it does not exist. This is not evidence for or against the existence of your god; this is evidence that prayer has no effect on the real world. Sorry guys, case closed.

So, unfortunately, this little stunt by a retarded Governor won't work. Of course, if it every does rain again, there will be a big "I told ya so!" from the fundies. But of course, this is failed logic; specifically it is "B, therefore A" logic. I could say "Hey, it rained today, and yesterday I washed the dishes. Aha!" It's the same logical fallacy; experiments actually test "If A, then B?", and it shows that prayer fails.

Sorry fundies, jeebus ain't listening.

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