Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blasphemous Bear

So, I'm reading this article at CNN about some poor sap who actually wants to teach at a school in Sudan. Apparently, the kids named a bear "Mohammad" and our crazy little Muslim friends now demand her stoning or something like that. Hmm, so let me get this straight. Honor killings, such as stoning your sister, are okay. Beheading construction workers is also okay. Blowing up Jewish schoolchildren is apparently just fine. Setting yourself on fire is also allowed I guess. But naming a teddy bear, a plush, inanimate object, "Mohammad", is punishable by death; uhm, how many "Mohammads" are there over there anyway, since it seems all you crazy fucktards are named that.

Ok Musmaniacs, here's something for ya to digest: there is no Mohammad, and there is no god. God is a figment of your fucked up, deluded, uneducated, warped mind. Yup, ain't no gawd. It's all a load of shit. Try praying, see how that works. Of course, your primitive intellects probably won't understand causality and "B, therefore A" logical fallacies, so I guess you can just ignore that whole prayer don't work problem. What was the average IQ of Muslim nations, 85 or so? Definitely borderline retarded. You're the fuckers who need edjumacation the most, yet you shit on the people who could bring it to you.

Oh, and I'm not going to just pick on Muslim fucktards, I'll hit up the Jewish and Xtian rejects as well. You're just as blood thirsty; the only reason you don't go on killing sprees *all* the time over here in the US is because we have those pesky secular laws.

One more thing: Mohammad? He LOVES the cock. Just can't get enough of that man pole throbbing in his mouth and ass. Oh yeah, he invented lube ya know? He was too much of a bitch to take it all like a man, so he just whisked up some astroglide from that flying horse of his, which he also fucked on a regular basis, and got him some man meat.

Somebody call Peter Pan and let him know the rejects got off the island.

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