Monday, November 26, 2007

Comps #4 -- down for the count

Well, here it is, 5 something in the morning, and comp question #4 is down. This was hard, but not for the reason you may think; I had too many pages. Yup, I was at page 19 when I finished and had to go back and remove nearly four pages of content (actually, just over three pages). I have a limit of 15 pages to respond to these questions, and it can be very, very hard, esp. when you enjoy the topic. Of course, I can't say what the topic is, but I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed #3, which I think I also did very well on. I think my #1 is pretty good, at least enough to pass. #2...not so sure. I'm going to spend tonight working on #2 and ensuring that #1 is properly organized. I have until this Saturday at midnight, CST (December 1st), so I'm not concerned. I have to submit for a plagiarisms report, which can take a day or two to get back, so I want to submit for this no later than Tuesday.

I really wanted to get done with everything by Sunday, but I just couldn't do it. I had to take mental breaks and I was getting burned out very quickly. I've been in school for six years...non stop. Sure, I get a week break here and there, but man, I only get a week! It's hard to do and I just want to be done with it. I don't think I'll pass all of these the first go; it depends upon how tough they are on my responses. I guess they could play devil's advocate on me, which would of course suck. But we'll see.

So, Monday night consists of fixing up #1, reworking #2, and I also need to add two figures to #4; just don't have the energy right now to do this.

And as promised, I'll update when I know the results, if in fact I have any readers out there. I don't expect to pass the first time, but if I fail all of these I may just throw in the towel. I get two weeks total to fix them and turn them back in for a second look, but to fix four questions in two weeks may not be possible for me.

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