Friday, April 27, 2007

Advanced Technology Group, LLC

As of today, I am not only incorporated as an LLC, but I've found a lawyer for the company, a great bookkeeper/accountant, and a virtual receptionist in Canada (so your computer's broke, 'eh?). Just kidding, she's really cool and is very flexible.

So what's next? Well, next we open the corporate checking account and wait for the business license and IRS EIN papers to arrive. At that point, I shell out about $50 for my bookkeeper to set up the account by way of remote access to my network. Once that is finished, I can actually start billing under the corporate name and begin protecting myself. I may also need to invest in some insurance in case I fuck something up; hasn't happened yet, but hey, never too late.

I'm also getting some direct mailings together to see if I can do a semi-high impact campaign in the Huntington, WV area. I got a nice three-fold brochure which I'll fill with information; already has some nice stock photos. Plus, a girl is doing my logo for me so that I can get some letterhead, cards, stuff like that done. Once the card is finished, I can shell out $110 for 500 business card magnets to send out with my mailings. Kick ass!

You know, this might actually happen this time. I mean, I might actually pick up customers, retain them with contracts, and be independent. I can't believe it, I'm still in shock. I actually sat down, organized, delegated, and it's fucking happening. I have to let the folks at work know at some point. I think they'll actually be my first client on contract as I think the relationship will be solid, but I can't make a move until I have steady income through the company. Specifically, I need 5K/month gross before I am making what I am currently earning. If I get that, plus pick up my current employer, I'll be making closer to 8K/month, which is schweet if it happens.

So, keep poised, the website will be updated by next week and ready to roll. Email already works, but hell, email is easy and fast to no kudos for that one.

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