Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Boiling Frog

For those of you who support the firing of Don Imus, please read the story of the boiling frog.

You will find that the story is that if you gradually implement something, such as the suppression of free speech, you will eventually succeed. You don't simply ban free speech, as the frog would leap out of the water. Rather, you slowly take away the rights of free speech little by little, until the water is boiling, and the frog didn't jump in time to escape the now boiling water.

Freedom of speech is important; important enough that the founding fathers made it the very first amendment to the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights. Those who think Don should be fired, please travel to China and tell them that you disagree with Buddhism. You can be executed. Look at the middle east. Tell them that Muhammad is a queer; you will be executed.

You need to understand that your right to say what you want should be cherished. And you should fight to the death to protect that right, especially if you disagree with the speaker. Popular speech needs no champion; unpopular speech does. The first amendment protects unpopular speech, not popular speech.

Today, it was announced that some UK schools will no longer teach the Holocaust so as to avoid upsetting Muslims. Fuck Muslims, or anybody, upset by the teaching of the Holocaust. My guess is that the Jews are more upset about the Holocaust then are the Muslims or anybody else. Hell, the thought of it makes me sick and I'm an atheist. Human suffering must be retold. We have to know the travesties, often in the name of religion and god, committed to see how we must change our way of thinking.

Support the freedom of speech. Don't let one, ignorant Texan's administration ruin our freedoms. Don't let them lead by fear.

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