Monday, April 9, 2007

Not much goin' on

Well, not much happening at the blog, but I'm not incredibly surprised. I never advertised this, plus I just don't have a lot to say sometimes. Well, no one has died yet (see previous entry), so I'm a bit more cheery this week.

My current agenda is to pass another one of those Microsoft exams, 70-291 to be exact. If I pass it then I'll finally earn the 2003 certifications (MCSE/MCSA) plus the security/messaging to go with it. In all, I get six certs after I pass the exam. I'm not too worried, but still, it's been stressful and the study guide is huge.

I'm also getting ready to incorporate and form a real business. For those who don't know, I've done quite a bit of IT consulting and hands on work for years. I'm forming an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) to protect myself, which may cost $500. I found that the name I've used for years is taken, so I have to pick another one. No big deal, I need something starting with an "A" so I'm first in the phone book anyway. After I get this done, I have to get an accountant to maintain the business, file taxes, set up payroll, things like that. I can't just cash the checks anymore, I have to deposit them in a company account and pay myself either on salary or in bonuses. However that shit works.

Then I have to get a business plan together. Well, actually, I guess I need to do that first. I mean getting the LLC and accounting is a no-brainer; it has to be done. But then I have to figure out a strategy. I've got a hold of some folks who can create a corporate identify for me, but I can't use them until I get my domain name and LLC since I don't want a logo for a company whose name I can't own. Plus I've got to trademark the name, keep it safe. Then, I have to get a registered trademark for the logo they create so that if anyone steals it I can kick their ass, legally :)

This stuff is hard, so much to be done and I just can't do it. I don't have the time or patience, I just want to do the work. Could I do it? Yes, but there are others who are so much better at it. It's time to pay a little bit here and a little bit there to just make this happen. I can save up for advertising next year when I will need to do so. I already have a couple of customers (extremely part time), but that could change quickly. If I can pull in $5K/month in contracts then I can do this. Hell, at $85/hour I only have to work 60 hours a month to earn $61,200 a year. I've lived on less! That's only 15 hours a week!

I can do this. I'm so close right now it's driving me crazy.

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