Monday, April 16, 2007

Open Challenge to Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is such a fake. I was watching some more of her nonsense today and just couldn't believe how each and every single "reading" she has done is so vague as to be basically a template; she just fills in the blanks as she gets feedback from her "clients." I was reading through the forums today at (a cheap knock off of and was absolutely amazed at the complete idiots over there who buy her nonsense hook, line, and sinker. I bet if I added their collective IQs that I would be unable to hit triple digits. Believing in psychics should be considered a form of mental retardation; of course, I don't want to offend those out there with actual learning disabilities by grouping them with the believers in woo.

It makes me feel sad for the future when I see such crap. Crystals, homeopathy, chiropractics,'s such bullshit. There is no evidence whatsoever for any of that nonsense...but of course there are tons of studies to refute the claims. So if there are any of Sylvia's stupid fuck supporters out there, chew on this...

I have $12,000 sitting in my savings account right now. I will give this to Sylvia if she can perform one, simple feat of psychic powers. My grandfather died some time back. He had a very odd nickname for me, one that he would always use when referring to me. If Sylvia can truly speak to him, she will quickly learn this nickname. Prove it Sylvia. I'll write it down ahead of time if you'd like. Put up or shut up. I'm tired of listening to your dumb ass duck and dodge challenges. Unless you can prove it, you leave everyone no choice but to believe that you are a complete, arrogant, fraud, full of shit.

Oh, and where exactly is your proof of a Masters degree? I can prove mine, plus I can prove my near completion of a PhD, quite easily. Why do you dodge this as well? Is your life so full of shit and lies that you don't even know where the truth ends and your bullshit begins?

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