Monday, April 16, 2007

Creationist bullshit

How in the hell can they even consider this as anything but bullshit? I mean, come on, T. rex playing alongside human children? Are they fucking serious? I mean, did they actually think that a bear wouldn't eat a person? Ever see that documentary about the bear guy who became dinner? A bear is an omnivore with teeth capable of eating meat and vegetation. T. rex was a carnivore who may have also been a scavenger. However, humans and dinosaurs were separated by about 60 million years, so it is a moot point as there were no humans to eat!

This is why critical thinking is so important; some people actually buy this bullshit. Evolution is real, the earth is billions of years old, and humans never existed with the dinosaurs. Oh, and two of every dinosaur would not have fit on the ark (esp. since there was no ark). Do the math, you'll see there was no fucking room for two of every single species on the planet excluding dinosaurs, so there sure as hell isn't room when we include them. They aren't Jello; there isn't always room.

Please people, help stop this nonsense. Why is it that we accept science when it benefits us, but reject those very techniques when they contradict our own superstitious beliefs? No church has ever cured disease, invented a computer, or cracked the human has. Support science, and knock this shit off.

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